Giorgetti: “With the celebrations of New Year’s Eve, the era of the Superbonus ends”


By John

«With the celebrations of New Year’s Eve, the era of the Superbonus ends, who with his legacy will accompany us for a long time to come.” Thus, in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore, the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti. Who adds: «With 110% what I defined as a psychedelic hallucination also ends, based on the belief that with the escape clause from the Stability Pact and zero interest rates you could go into debt endlessly without paying the bill». As for the Stability Pact, he states: «There were those who suggested that we accept the ESM and veto the Pact, but I don’t think that giving the idea of ​​not wanting to respect the fiscal limits would have been a great message for the markets. That said, the Pact is certainly not the best it can be. But it is a compromise that we have all accepted.” And regarding the accounts he says: «With lower growth than expected, a debt that doesn’t go down can represent a problem. But I expect monetary policy to change direction soon, after inflation has plummeted as a result of the collapse in energy prices rather than Frankfurt’s choices. If you ask me what I expect from 2024, I expect first of all the rapid start of a process of decreasing rates, which would offer us considerable margins”.