Goodbye Citizenship Income, from the Card dedicated to the inclusion allowance: here are all the new alternative measures and the requisites required


By John

The disbursement of the basic income ends on 1 August, stopped by the government with the 2023 budget maneuver. Last Friday INPS sent a text message to 169,000 households warning them that the disbursement of the subsidy was about to endwhich for 2023 had been reduced to 7 months in duration.
At the same time as the closure of the income support tool for the most deprived social groups – launched in March 2019 – the government of Giorgia Meloni introduced a series of alternative measures: from the inclusion allowance to job training courses. To counter inflation and help the neediest, the ‘Dedicated to tea’ card designed for food purchases has also been activated.


The inclusion allowance will be recognized starting from 1 January 2024 as a measure of economic support, subject to the possession of residence, citizenship and stay requirements, based on the ISEE, the income situation of the beneficiary and his/her family unit and the adherence to a personalized path of activation and social and work inclusion.
The amount of the allowance is made up of an income supplement of up to 6,000 euros per year, which rises up to 7,560 if the family nucleus is made up of people aged 67 or over or other family members in conditions of serious or of non-self-sufficiency. To this amount, a contribution can be added for the rental of the residence property up to a maximum of 3,360 euros per year. The benefit is paid monthly for a continuous period not exceeding 18 months and can be renewed, after a one-month suspension, for a further 12 months.
Among the requisites to benefit from the allowance: not to be subjected to precautionary or preventive measures; have no definitive convictions made in the 10 years preceding the request. Furthermore, the family unit of the applicant must have an ISEE not exceeding 9,360 euros. The nucleus in which a member is unemployed following voluntary resignation in the 12 months following the date of termination of the employment relationship is not entitled to the allowance, except for those for just cause.


From 1 September 2023, on the other hand, support for training and work starts, which provides for participation in training, qualification and professional retraining and orientation projects.
Participation in the activities for activation in the world of work determines access to an economic benefit, such as participation allowance, equal to 350 euros per month. This amount is paid for the entire duration of the measure, within a maximum limit of 12 months.
The support measures also include the universal civil service and projects useful to the community in the cultural, social, artistic, environmental, training and protection of common goods fields, to be carried out in the Municipality of residence, compatibly with the beneficiary’s other activities. The performance of these activities is free of charge, cannot be assimilated to subordinate or semi-subordinate work and does not, in any case, involve the establishment of a public employment relationship with the public administrations.
The support for training and work can be used by individual members of households, aged between 18 and 59, with a family ISEE value not exceeding 6,000 euros per year, who do not have the requisites to access the allowance of inclusion. The new tool can also be used by the individual members of the households who receive the inclusion allowance and who decide to participate in active employment policies.


The 2023 budget law also established a fund for the purchase of basic foodstuffs by people in possession of an ISEE not exceeding 15,000 euros. The measure provides for a single economic contribution per household of 382.50 euros, disbursed through the solidarity card for the purchase of basic necessities, an electronic, prepaid and rechargeable payment card.
The card, issued by Poste Italiane through Postepay, is personal and will be operational from July 2023. It is not necessary to apply: the beneficiaries are identified according to the procedures set out in the interministerial decree of 18 April 2023.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests has stipulated agreements with commercial establishments, belonging to large-scale distribution and not only, for the application of a further 15% discount in favor of card holders.


From 1 July 2023, the amount of the unplaceable allowance was increased to 290.11 euros. This is a payment made to disabled people due to accident or occupational disease.
To obtain the grant, the disabled person must be: not over 65 years of age; degree of incapacity not lower than 34% recognized by Inail for occupational accidents or occupational diseases reported up to 31 December 2006;
degree of impairment of psychophysical integrity/biological damage greater than 20% for accidents that have occurred and for occupational diseases reported as from 1 January 2007.
The amount of the allowance is paid monthly and is revalued annually, with a special decree of the Ministry of Labor on the basis of the actual change in consumer prices.