Guide dogs “kicked out” from facilities: the appeal of the president of the Helen Keller center in Messina


By John

“An opportunity to involve the Sicilian media in a battle of civilization: the one about guide dogs”. As Linda Timbernational vice-president of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired and president of the Helen Keller center in Messina defined the meeting held yesterday in Catania.

Two months ago in the Aretusa Park water park, in the Melilli area, in the Syracuse area, a blind man was prevented from entering with his dog with the excuse that the presence of animals was prohibited. The municipal administration, but not the facility, immediately apologized. Even more serious is the fact that, in Palermo, two blind Roman tourists, who had booked and arrived by train, were rejected, with the same excuse, from a Bed and Breakfast.

“In the conference – underlined Linda Legname – we explained that ours are not just any dogs. That there is no danger in having them around both for their psychological profile and for the continuous hygienic-health checks to which they are subjected. This is why we want to ask for the collaboration of the Sicilian media to talk about these events.”