Wines, the “Gambero Rosso” chooses the made in Messina and once again rewards the “Faro 2021” by Gianfranco Sabbatini and Andrea Barzagli


By John

Twenty-seven wines have obtained the “Tre Bicchieri” this year, the highest recognition assigned by the “Vini d’Italia” guide of “Gambero Rosso”. And among these, for the ninth consecutive year, the “Faro” stands out and shines 2021″, from the Peloritan company founded by Gianfranco Sabbatino and the former footballer and world champion Andrea Barzagli. And from the football fields to the fertile lands of Messina it was a short step. Even if she never wanted his high-sounding name to create, before the time was ripe, a necessary credibility, which she had to build, as she claimed with a decisive attitude, on several occasions, with concreteness.

Andrea Barzagli, former Juventus and national team player, hangs up his boots – as he said in an old interview with the “Gazzetta del Sud” – decided to throw himself headlong into the winemaking business. Allowing himself to be involved in the far-sighted “madness” of a man from Messina, Gianfranco Sabbatino, who in his previous life was an accountant. The “Casematte” company is located in Faro Superiore, a symbolic place for Messina. And its reputation is growing, day by day, demonstrating that even in the city of the Strait it is possible to do business. And this morning, Andrea Barzagli was spotted within the walls of Palazzo Zanca, also immortalized by many fans and football enthusiasts, including Raimondo Mortelliti, former footballer and manager, currently city councilor and president of the sports commission. The Aeolian “Infatata 2022” and “Caravaglio di Malfa” enrich the area of ​​Messina’s excellences. And debuting with maximum scores, for the first time, in the famous guide, they are: Tenuta Bastonaca, with the Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico ’21; Frank Cornelissen with Magma Rosso ’20; Baron of Villagrande with the Etna Rosso Contrada Villagrande ’18; Terra Costantino with the Etna Rosato de Aetna ’22 and finally Florio, with the Marsala Vergine Riserva ’11, an “ancient” wine, but of extraordinary charm. A nice recognition for the former footballer from Fiesole, who often also promotes the beauties of Sicily and the city of the Strait through social media.