Hamas says yes to the hostage agreement: “But we need a ceasefire.” Israel: “We won’t stop”


By John

Hamas insists on its request “for a total and comprehensive ceasefire” and for the “end of the aggression”. The Islamic faction made this known on Telegram, confirming that it had forwarded its response to the Paris mediation to Qatar and Egypt , “tackled with a positive spirit”.

Hamas also called for “the guarantee of relief, shelter and rehabilitation, an end to the siege of the Gaza Strip and the completion of a prisoner exchange.” “We affirm that we in the Hamas movement and with all national forces and factions – he continued – are continuing to defend our people, on the path to ending the occupation and realizing their legitimate national rights to their land and holy places” .

Israel, Hamas is asking for the impossible, we won’t stop

“Hamas’s response is essentially negative.” This was stated by an Israeli political source quoted by Canale 12 TV. Authoritative sources in Israel quoted by Ynet claimed that «Hamas said yes to the framework of the agreement but set impossible conditions. We will not stop fighting.”

Nyt: 32 hostages still held by Hamas are dead

At least 32 Israeli hostages – a fifth of the 136 abductees still in Hamas hands – have died. This was reported by the New York Times, which viewed an internal assessment of the Israeli army. The families of the 32 hostages, whose deaths have been confirmed, have been notified, four military officials told the NYT, adding that intelligence reports were being verified that at least 20 other hostages had been killed. The figure of 32 dead hostages is higher than what the Israeli authorities have so far publicly stated. The IDF told the NYT that most were killed on October 7.