Rende, the new municipal employees in service: the commissioners’ challenge begins


By John

Commissioner Giuffrè uses a football metaphor to summarize one of the most important administrative innovations for the Municipality of Rende. «If you want to participate in all the championships you need to have a long squad available…». In other words, if the Municipality has to accelerate on Pnrr, Urban Agenda, schools, roads and so on, it needs to have, in the meantime, an adequate number of staff to work on administrative procedures on a daily basis. Hence the decisive acceleration of completing public tenders and the hiring of new municipal employees. In recent days, on the first floor of via Rossini, all the winners of the various competitions were welcomed and their priorities and tasks indicated. «We are fully satisfied. The administrative machine is not complete but it is ready. We are moving towards a pseudo-normality”, the announcement of Santi Giuffrè, Michele Albertini and Rosa Correale who have finally obtained the necessary and indispensable technical and professional support to continue the extraordinary process and the ordinary management of the Municipality of Rende for the remaining months imposed by the Interior Ministry.