In Rosarno Pasquale Cutrì toasts: Italiano and Ferrarini beaten. End of the commissionership. The new mayor: “Young people, stay!”


By John

After the scrutiny of 17 sections, Rosarno has a new mayor, who closes the long season (25 months) of vacatio, due to the dissolution of the Municipality and infiltration by mafia. Pasquale Cutrìretired doctor, at the helm of the civic list Rosarno target – in fact supported by Forza Italia (which here in Rosarno can count on the parliamentarian Giovanni Arruzzolo) beat Philip Italian with 46.2%. The defeated candidate obtained 35.2%, while the other challenger, Cosma Ferrariniclosed at 17.6%.

The words of the new mayor

Rosarno celebrates its new mayor: it is Pasquale Cutrì70 years old, retired general practitioner, prevailed over the other two candidates, Philip Italian And Cosma Ferrarini. A clear victory for the civic list of the new mayor, supported by Forza Italia’s Rosarnese parliamentarian, Giovanni Arruzzolo. Big party in the Cutrì headquarters after two and a half hours of counting.

“Finally Rosarno – exclaimed Cutrì – has accepted our speech on legality and culture and we are certain that starting tomorrow the entire population will be with us, even the other lists. I hope that the entire Council is united around my figure for the good of this city which is now at a turning point. This is the city of culture and not of crime and we must carry this message throughout the world. At the top of our priorities are legality, transparency and culture.” A message to young people: “Young people must study, they must have enthusiasm, they must be proud of being Rosarnesi. We must create the conditions – concluded the new mayor – so that they remain in our country”.

Turnout dropped

Thud in voter turnout for the election of the mayor of Rosarno. With the polls closed and the counting recently started, 54.8% of those entitled to vote voted against 62% in the last elections. The mayor and the new city councilors will take over from the extraordinary commission that he led for over two years.