He kills the bride on their wedding day, then takes his own life


By John

A former forest ranger killed the woman he had just married and three other people last night during the couple’s wedding party in northeastern Thailand, then put a gun to his own head and took his own life. The Bangkok Post reported it this morning.

The murder-suicide occurred in the village of Wang Nam Khieo, in the rural province of Nakhon Ratchasima. Chaturong Suksuk (29 years old), the groom, was briefly absent from the wedding party, took the weapon he had in the car, and opened fire around 11.30 pm local time killing his bride Kanchana Pachunthuek (44 years old), the mother and her sister and a man who was among the guests. Another guest was injured and is in serious condition. The reason that led Chaturong to kill four people and then end it is still unknown.

The wedding was celebrated with a Buddhist rite in the morning, and the rest of the day was spent in a festive atmosphere, although Chaturong – according to other participants in the event – seemed not to be in a mood suited to the celebrations. The man had been left disabled after a leg injury while on duty. The couple had lived together for three years before getting married.