Irregular construction site in Saponara: 60 thousand euro fines to the owner and activity suspended


By John

As part of the initiatives aimed at the prevention and repression of crimes relating to safety in the workplace and the emergence of illegal work – arranged by the Provincial Carabinieri Command of Messina, in agreement with the Director of the Territorial Labor Inspectorate of Messina Architect Enrico Zaccone – the Carabinieri of the Messina Center Company and of the Messina Labor Inspectorate Unit have a construction site set up in Saponara was audited.

At the end of the checks, the military personnel found violations of the sector regulations and, in particular, the failure to train workers on safety in the workplace and the failure to undergo the required medical examination of employees, the lack of suitable safety systems to prevent any slipping with the potential for workers to fall, the use of non-approved operating machines and more. The owner was therefore reported and fines and sanctions of over 60,000 euros were imposed on him.

For safety reasons and for the presence of a worker “in black”, the activity was suspended and the owner was warned to regularize the position of the irregularly hired worker.