He stabbed his ex-wife and 5-year-old daughter to death: he had been acquitted of charges of mistreatment


By John

A 26-year-old man was arrested in Madrid on charges of stabbing to death his ex-wife, a 25-year-old, and their daughter, a five-year-old girl: we learn this from various Iberian media, which cite sources from the emergency and police services. The events occurred last night in the working-class neighborhood of Carabanchel, in a house located in via Jacobeo. The medics who rushed to the scene found the woman and her daughter with wounds caused by stab wounds in different parts of the body, soon certifying their death. The alleged attacker was also found with stab wounds to the neck, probably self-inflicted, and was hospitalized in custody. According to the Efe agency, in the past the woman had obtained personal protection measures as she was considered a potential victim at “high risk” of mistreatment. However, about two months ago these measures were withdrawn as the ex-husband had been acquitted in a case of alleged mistreatment. All three people involved in this crime were of Peruvian nationality.