Internal Areas, the Democratic Party’s commitment to curb the depopulation of areas fundamental to the development of Calabria


By John

The problems relating to internal areas of Calabria require energetic action at various levels in order to urge, with due determination, the profitable use of available resources both with regards to the national strategy and the regional strategy.

We must intervene with the necessary timeliness to address the dramatic and worrying economic, social and cultural situation experienced in these realities, which translates into an effective weakening of essential services such as mobility, health and education.

In recent years many reflections have taken place on this topic, despite this there is a real risk that the process of progress in the profitable use of resources could suffer a dangerous slowdown, in light of the rules contained in the Southern Decree which, rather than accelerating the expenditure, centralizes it through the establishment of a control room at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, all in clear contradiction with the much-vaunted differentiated autonomy.

Precisely to assume, define and implement operational paths, an entire day of work and reflection on the topic was organised. In the council chamber of Municipality of Mongianaa meeting coordinated by the Mayor was held Francesco Angilletta, in which local administrators and party leaders participated, with the contribution of Pasquale Mancuso, head of Internal Areas of the PD regional secretariat, who illustrated the state of implementation of the SNAI (National Internal Areas Strategy) interventions. In the afternoon, however, it took place in the council room of the Municipality of Arena, after the greetings of the Pd club with Giovanna Bonifacio and the report by Pasquale Mancuso, speakers Raffaele Mammoliti Regional Councilor, Antonio Schinella, Mayor of Arena, the common councilor of Vibo Laura Pugliese representing Giovanni Di Bartolo Federation Secretary, Valeria Giancotti, PD Regional Directorate, Angelo Sposato, CGIL Calabria Secretary, Domenico Bevacqua, PD Calabria Group Leader, the conclusions were entrusted to the Senator and regional secretary of the party Nicola Irto and the deputy and member of the national dem leadership Marco Sarracino with delegation for Southern Italy, Cohesion and Internal Areas.

The initiative was fundamental and indispensable to try to stop the depopulation of the area and, at the same time, indispensable to guarantee adequate income and services to the communities living in the internal areas. It is a categorical commitment from which none of the actors involved can and must escape, from all the interventions the guideline has been traced to undertake together to offer an operational strategic idea to the party towards the programmatic conference of the Democratic Party scheduled for the month of January 2024. But above all, build an operational path of work with the mayors, with the social forces, to tell the national and regional government that the resources are there, we have the tools and we cannot say or pretend that they are not there, therefore it is right that they are used

Also through this path, I am convinced, it will be possible to guarantee the affirmation of citizenship rights and legality in the most neglected territory of Calabria, an essential condition for guaranteeing democratic stability, civil growth and productive development.

Furthermore, during the debate, at the request of the regional councilor Raffaele Mammoliti, a minute of reflection was observed against all forms of violence and above all a memory for the victims Giulia Cecchettin and Francesca Romeo, a doctor murdered in Seminara.