Healthcare in Cosenza, Mazzuca dismantles the Occhiuto reform


By John

Not even mid-August manages to sweep away the clouds of anger that fill the skies above the Municipality and the Region. Two entities in dispute over everything, with salt in abundance, daily, scattered on opposite scenarios. The single city, the location of the new hospital, the light rail, the water, the waste. Controversies that arise and rise within tissue papers which, by now, are above all containers of insults rather than communications. Attacks that travel on the Cosenza-Catanzaro axis and that have filled a practically nuanced institutional relationship with woodworm. A front of the clash that was taken yesterday by the president of the municipal council, Joseph Mazzuca, which shuts down the engines to the revolution of the health system started by the governor Roberto Occhiuto. «Throwing the wool and mirrors is a terribly inflated practice that no longer enchants anyone. And the public proclamations of the series: “we are rebuilding healthcare from the ground up” are a joke. Because it is true that the governor has effectively rebuilt the foundations of health care. But he rebuilt them, destroying and devastating them. No, these are not groundless accusations.” President Mazzuca turns the cards on the table to strengthen his certainties conveyed through twenty questions addressed to Occhiuto on the subject of health. Questions that anticipate the answer (of course, provocative). And so we go from Calabria which remains the only region in Italy not to reach the bare minimum in the detection of lea to the worst performance precisely in the essential levels of assistance. So, even a quick dip into finances, defining cash surpluses as “just phony, why do they exist, since leas have not been disbursed?”. And, then, healthcare migration, the red dot hospitals, with the Annunziata of Cosenza, «in the national ranking – as Agenas always certifies – are they bringing up the rear, with over 350 fewer beds?».