Heat and fires, heavy toll in Calabria: around 100 interventions by the firefighters


By John

The heat and fires give firefighters no respite. Today alone there were around 100 interventions for vegetation fires between those extinguished and those in the process of being completed, which saw the firefighters involved in all the provinces and in particular those of Vibo Valentia, Reggio Calabria, Cosenza and Catanzaro .
Currently in the province of Vibo Valentia There are still 8 interventions underway. Rather severe critical issues were recorded in the municipality of Briatico.
In the province of Reggio Calabria 10 interventions underway. The operational management of the “fires” that developed in Motta S.Giovanni and Paterniti was challenging.
In the province of Cosenza in c.da Lucchetta in the municipality of Montalto Uffugo, during the extinguishing of a fire in the forest, Mediterranean scrub and agricultural crops, a ninety-year-old man was found lying on the ground. Probably, in an attempt to fight the fire, he had fallen into the ground already crossed by the fire, making it impossible to get up. The Fire Brigade of the Rende detachment promptly rescued the unfortunate victim by carrying out first aid measures while waiting for the intervention of the Suem118 staff.
In the province of Catanzaro sThere are currently 7 vegetation fires in progress.
In addition to the teams on ordinary duty, it was necessary to strengthen the rescue system with the recall of units free from duty.
There is still a “queue” of interventions of around 50 units.