Messina, Salvo Puccio’s double role returns to the Council


By John

The municipal administration tries again. And the widespread feeling is that this time he might even succeed in his goal. The objective is to make Salvo Puccio’s role as general manager double: not only Palazzo Zanca, but also Palazzo dei Leoni. Alongside the mayor Federico Basile not only to the Municipality, but also to the metropolitan city. To make this happen – as already happened with the general secretary Rossana Carrubba, who holds the same position in the two bodies – the city council needs to approve a draft agreement between the municipality and the metropolitan city. An act that took on an exquisitely political meaning, so much so that last June, on the first attempt, the Chamber rejected the Administration’s proposal, relying on the weight of the numbers enjoyed by the opposition: 16 against 15 .
But not only. There is another issue at stake in recent weeks which, once the controversy over Puccio’s double role is closed, could land in the Chamber: the increase in attendance fees for city councilors. The allowances of the mayor, council and prime minister have already been increased practically at the beginning of the mandate. The same, however, did not happen with the city council, unlike other cities.