Here it is again! «Fiore» is always the best of all


By John

At the time of writing we do not know what the audience figures are for «Viva Rai2!», whose second season started yesterday morning, but if we were to make a comparison with the adoring crowd gathered in front of the glass, now located on the Foro Italico to avoid trouble with the condominiums in via Asiago, we must think that Fiorello’s return, more than expected, was longed for. And he did not disappoint, apparently starting in an uncoordinated and slow manner, and then concluding the first episode with scoops, great guests and live surprises.
We expected, and they arrived promptly, the first previews of the next Sanremo Festival: after all, the one between Fiorello and Amadeus is not just a brotherly relationship but the two “create a cartel” that stands up to Rai. Incidentally, this is also demonstrated by Fiorello’s presence on Sunday evening on La Nove, albeit with a video, to greet Vincenzo Mollica, Fazio’s guest. In fact, it cannot be overlooked that in the face of the growing success of «Che tempo che fa», Rai, despite feeling bitter, has resigned itself to the appearance of the Sicilian showman. If, therefore, we were not surprised either by the fact that Amadeus was a guest on the first episode of «Viva Rai2!», nor by the first announcement on the presence of Marco Mengoni as co-host of the first episode of the Festival, much more unexpected and evocative was the image of Francesco Totti alone in the center of the Olympic stadium. A surprise that multiplied its effects exponentially with Fiorello’s phone call live to Spalletti to make the reconciliation between Roma’s number 10 and his former coach, now coach of the national team, to whom Totti had agreed, concrete and immediate. reported in a recent interview.
Here, this is Fiorello, a character, but above all a person, who has a precise show plan in mind and on which he works consistently, keeping some parameters that are not so obvious in the television world, such as making a quality product in which talent is valorised, looking at the facts with irony and disenchantment but without hatred and malice, expressing one’s opinion, without being indifferent but escaping the cataloguing. More and more, in recent years, with a balanced dosage of appearances/disappearances, of unconventional choices, of alternative solutions that capture the public’s attention, Fiorello has gained not only the authority of undisputed showman, but above all the authority of a showman who is not afraid to highlight his guest. Maybe this is why everyone accepts his invitations.