Lamezia, investigation into Sacal leaders: all acquitted, the fact does not exist


By John

All acquitted, thus ending the trial resulting from the Eumenidi investigation which six years ago overwhelmed the leaders of Sacal, the company that manages the Calabrian airports. Last night shortly after 7.30 pm the panel of the Court of Lamezia issued its verdict, acquitting all the accused with the formula because the fact does not exist. In the previous hearing, the prosecutor Holy Melidonna he had also asked for acquittal for some charges and for others he had instead asked the panel chaired by Adele Foresta to declare the prescription has occurred. The suspects had to answer for corruption, embezzlement, forgery and abuse of office.

Four years after the start of the trial, the charges against the former president of Sacal were all dropped Massimo Colosimo, of the former legal department manager Esther Michienzi, of the former general director Pierluigi Mancusoof the former vice president Giampaolo Bevilacquaof the former president of the Province Enzo Bruno, of the members of the board of directors Floriano Noto, Bruno Vincenzo Scalzo And Giuseppe Mancini. Also acquitted Floriano Siniscalco fprovincial official, Sabrina Mileto responsible for the personal area of ​​Sacal; Angelina Astorino representative of the Employment Centre, Marcello Mendicino policeman, Pasquale Clericò (died while the trial was still ongoing); Pasquale Torquato, Giuseppe Vincenzo Mancuso and the entrepreneur Emanuele Iona.

The Prosecutor’s Office had hypothesized alleged crimes in the management of the investee company. Everything was based on an alleged patronage system within Sacal, through which administrators and managers, according to the accusatory hypothesis, would have favored politicians and public figures also through procedures linked to the “Youth Guarantee” programme. According to the original accusation, due to “undue pressure of all kinds”, including those perpetrated by local politicians and public managers, only friends and relatives of the suspects were selected, through artificial interventions on the selection procedures foreseen by the public tender. Furthermore, «illicit episodes relating to the awarding of “ghost” consultancy for tens of thousands of euros and to the artificial selection of personnel for internal positions would have emerged».

The mayor of Lamezia had already been acquitted with the abbreviated procedure Paolo Mascaro and the entrepreneur Giuseppe Gatto while he was being sentenced Francesco Buffone. However, at the preliminary hearing they were acquitted Ferdinando Saracco And Luigi Silipo. Lawyers appear in the defense panel Sergio Rotundo, Danilo Iannello, Lucio Canzoniere, Francesco Gambardella, Nicola Cantafora, Massimo Scuteri, Antonio Larussa, Aldo Ferraro, Enzo Ioppoli And Antonio Siniscalchi.