Here’s how Taylor Swift could save Joe Biden in 2024


By John

Taylor Swift could save Joe Biden in 2024. If the star supported him – as she did in 2020 -, the president could benefit in terms of votes, a bit like the effect Oprah Winfrey for Barack Obama in 2008. According to several observers, Winfrey’s support in fact moved more than a million votes towards the former president.

Swift could have an even broader effect for Biden, given that more than half of Americans consider themselves his fans, including many Republicans, MSNBC reports. The president is struggling in the polls, where he is behind Donald Trump.

If Swift’s endorsement pushed even a fraction of her 272 million Instagram followers to vote, that would be tens of thousands of people turning out to vote instead of staying home and giving up their right. And that could make a difference, especially for Democrats. Not to mention that it would be difficult for Republicans to criticize Swift given that they would risk attracting the ire of even some of their voters.