Messina, Hyerace: «The Democratic Party and De Luca? Just propaganda. The party needs clarity”


By John

The Democratic Party can have a real dialogue with Cateno De Luca? And what did you “learn” from the latest electoral defeats? What should you focus on on the eve of a new congressional phase? Questions that are now constant in the circles of the Democratic Party of Messina. To which he responds Armando Hyerace, member of the provincial coordination of the Democratic Party and among the possible candidates for the next secretariat. The starting point can only be the urn. Or rather, the ballot boxes. Those who didn’t smile much at the Messina PD in the last few rounds.
«Aside from the general difficulties that the party has had both at a national and regional level – says Hyerace –, in Messina I believe that individualistic logics have always prevailed more, to the detriment of processes of collective growth. Candidates have been proposed that were born more from the opportunism of the moment, not very functional to collective reasoning and extraneous to the history and values ​​of the party, and which have led to the birth of leaderships that have never really connected with the militants of our party and in general with voters. Some, then, have always confused, and continue to confuse, individual votes with consensus. And it is the consensus that makes you make the leap in quality and win the elections, not the cold sum of votes or percentages. Otherwise, you find yourself not only losing, but with elected officials who change parties the next day. There was, therefore, a problem of credibility and coherence that the party today must face starting first and foremost from a moment of clarity on values ​​and a clear choice of side without misunderstandings.”
What is the state of health of the Democratic Party today?
«The initiatives promoted with the militant summer and the unity celebrations that took place both in the province and in the city tell us that there is a party with many militants and administrators who, despite everything, still want to expend themselves. And this is what, moreover, the people of the primaries asked us, across the board, also in Messina, especially after the latest heavy defeats. We must start again with confidence from those 10 thousand votes given only to the symbol at the last regional elections. It will not be easy to set this process of renewal and opening in motion, and I hope that the next provincial congress will first and foremost represent a moment of clarity.”