“High impact” operation in Cosenza, weapons and drugs in an elevator shaft


By John

The well-known operation called “High Impact”, decided at the technical coordination meeting chaired by the Prefect of Cosenza, Dr. Vittoria Ciaramella and prepared at the technical table by the Police Commissioner of the province of Cosenza, Dr. Giuseppe Cannizzaroin agreement with the provincial commanders of the Carabinieri Col. Agatino Saverio Spoto and of the Financial Police Col. GGiuseppe Dell’Annaalso this week has resulted in multiple and accurate control activities in the urban centers of the Province concerned.

The control actions involved a significant deployment of joint forces on the territory, through the joint presence of the soldiers of the Carabinieri, the Guardia di Finanza, the units of the “Northern Calabria” Crime Prevention Department of the State Police, the dog units, specialists from the various Police Forces as well as from the competent local police forces.

The intensification of territorial control, making use of all the Police Forces, allows us to combat the commission of any form of illegality on the vast provincial territory.

The control activities involved the municipalities of Cosenza, Rende, Paola, Castrovillari and Corigliano-Rossano.

The numerous control posts, carried out by all the staff operating in the aforementioned urban centres, led to the control of a large number of people and vehicles, in addition to a substantial control carried out against numerous subjects with criminal prejudices or subjected to the measure of legal obligations.

The services provided have overall enabled the following results to be achieved:

– 448 people identified;

– 252 vehicles checked;

– 28 checkpoints;

– 4 violations of the Highway Code contested;

– 2 vehicles suspended from circulation.

– 2 driving licenses withdrawn.

Yesterday, State Police personnel carried out, as part of the extraordinary services ordered by the Police Commissioner of the Province of Cosenza, Dr. Giuseppe Cannizzaro and coordinated by the local Public Prosecutor’s Office directed by the Prosecutor Dr. Mario Spagnuolo, several checks in the city, aimed at combating drug trafficking.

In this operational context, in a well-known city street, Flying Squad personnel, following an anonymous report, carried out various searches inside a condominium with negative results while, again in the same context, the inside of the lift shaft was inspected where two rifles were found, one of which was sawn-off, the other of the single-barreled type as well as no. 20 cal. cartridges 12, duly packaged with adhesive packaging tape. Hidden, together with the weapons, there was a cloth bag containing a narcotic substance of the heroin type, weighing a total of 430 grams, a substance which was also seized.