Home burglary and two attempted extortions, four arrests in Catanzaro


By John

This morning the Flying Squad of the Catanzaro Police Headquarters, coordinated by the Catanzaro Prosecutor's Office, executed an order with which the investigating judge at the Court of Catanzaro ordered the application of precautionary custody in prison against 4 subjects for the believed existence of serious evidence regarding the crimes of residential burglary as well as two attempted extortions.

The precautionary measures, issued at the request of the local Prosecutor's Office, arise from a ccomplex investigation which started from the theft report filed by the owner of the apartment, located in Catanzaro Lido, perpetrated on 5 September 2023.

The investigations launched immediately by the State Police, consisting of interviews with people informed of the facts; analysis of images acquired by public and private video surveillance systems; communications that took place via instant messaging applications and traditional and electronic telephone records made it possible to outline – in the preliminary investigation phase which requires subsequent procedural verification in the cross-examination with the defense – the circumstantial gravity of the contested crimes.

The theft, accomplished with the demolition of the safe located in the master bedroom using a grinder and an iron bar, it had been carried out by the subjects now recipients of the precautionary measure who allegedly took possession of jewels with a commercial value of approximately fifty thousand euros. The same subjects are also under investigation for two cases of attempted extortion; one occurred against the son of the owner of the house, as he owed sums of money to the organizer of the theft for reasons not ascertained, the other occurred after the theft, with the aim of obtaining remission of the lawsuit brought by the victims of the crime.