‘Horai- The Four Seasons’: in Syracuse, love and its phases according to Giuliano Peparini


By John

“These are the phases of a love: life without love would not be the same, it is something fundamental. In this show everything is summed up in this room, with a character who relives through a dream perhaps one of the most important moments of his life. These four seasons are full of so many images, so many things that pass through his head. The beautiful thing about a dream is that we can allow ourselves anything.”

Giuliano Peparini presents “Horai – The Four Seasons” which debuts tonight at the Greek Theater in Syracuse. A journey through the seasons of love that the internationally renowned choreographer has created for the ancient cavea by adapting a show already staged.

The protagonist will be Eleonora Abbagnatostar of world dance, director of the Ballet Company and the Dance School of the Rome Opera House, who will perform for the first time at the Greek Theater. Also on stage will be the first dancer Michele Satriano in a show that will involve 25 artists and 15 students of the Accademia dell’Inda. Giving voice and body to the eternal words of classical poets will be Giuseppe Sartori, who returns to perform in the ancient cavea.

“With Francesco Morosi we took various texts, various poems from Aristophanes to Catullus and we mixed them, placing them where they could tell this moment, which is a moment of an encounter, a moment of jealousy, a moment of anger – explains Peparini -. And they work, because when the text is brilliant it tells and can tell anything. It is not a fairytale love, it is a simple love. Meeting a person by chance and realizing that this person makes us happy, but leaves us alone in the freezing snow: there is a piece that comes during the winter, where he is completely alone and in an instant the stage fills up with people and everyone experiences this cold. It is the moment of solitude and perhaps realizing that you have not done the right thing and have been wrong”.

“After last year’s success, we decided to renew our collaboration with Peparini with this show that takes up a previous show but reworks it – explains the managing director Marina Valensise -: the text that is staged refers to a selection of the great Greek and Latin lyric tradition. Texts chosen and translated by our Francesco Morosi, a scholar of classical literature, and I must say that the surprise is hearing these great poets of antiquity such as Catullus, Virgil, Lucretius, Sappho or Ovid lend their voices to the ultra-contemporary choreographic movements created by Peparini”. A dialogue between dance and the classical music of Vivaldi and Scarlatti, pieces by George Gershwin, Jimmy Van Heusen and Phil Silvers, and the verses of the classics of Greek and Latin lyric poetry.

“The added value is not only involving new audiences but spreading and disseminating the values ​​of classical theater in the world – added the mayor and president of the Inda Foundation, Francesco Italia -: and the opportunity we offer our young people of the Academy to engage with performers of international caliber. A co-production that will go to France, with more than 40 dates, to the United Arab Emirates and I am convinced that it will tour the world. Next year we will have another show by Peparini: from the Odyssey we will move on to the Iliad. The key to the success of these shows is precisely that of broadening the message of the Foundation also to audiences that are not the traditional ones of our tragedies and comedies”.