Hospitals without doctors, Summer at risk on the Cosenza Tyrrhenian Sea


By John

Summer emergency. There is a shortage of doctors and nurses in hospitals and 118 stations on the coast. In particular, the absence of white coats is increasingly important, considering the growing demands of this period. A problem that risks recurring, punctually, also for the season which, thanks to this weekend's temperatures, has practically already started and which, according to tour operators' forecasts, will see an increase in tourists along the entire coast. A problem that drags on unsolved for the 118 stations that go from Scalea to Amantea. There is a risk of sending ambulances as has already happened in the past without doctors on board. The planned upgrades, which are more structural than anything else, involve major interventions in hospitals. In Paola, among other things, there is also the arrival of new machinery (an ultrasound for Cardiology, a CT scan and an MRI for Radiology) but the priority remains the contribution of new men and women. Consider, for example, that even today we are forced to recall retired doctors to make up for outpatient shortages.