European elections, the regional coordinator of Fdi Wanda Ferro: “We are the first party in Calabria”


By John

«With over 20.5 percent of the preferences, Brothers of Italy is the first party in Calabria. An extraordinary result, which demonstrates how Calabrian citizens also reward and encourage the work of Giorgia Meloni and her government. Fratelli d'Italia is the nation's leading party and drives the growth of the entire centre-right coalition. It is therefore a vote that strengthens the government and its stability, which demonstrates that citizens share the reforms it is carrying out, and above all which expresses the will to change the disastrous European policies carried out by the left”. This is what the Hon. says. Wanda Ferrocoordinator of Fratelli d'Italia in Calabria and undersecretary of the Interior.

«The result obtained by Fratelli d'Italia in Calabria – he continues – also testifies to the citizens' trust in our ruling class, which I thank for the great commitment it has put into this electoral campaign, conducted with great enthusiasm in the territories and dealing with the citizens. I particularly thank the Calabrian candidates Denis Nesci, Luciana De Francesco and Ersilia Amatruda. I congratulate Denis Nesci, who will return to represent and defend the interests of Calabria in the European Parliament.”