Hydrogeological risk in Messina, civil protection exercise from 12pm to 2pm


By John

Today from 12 to 2 pm, the program of the national civil protection week includes a exercise for the verification and knowledge of weather warnings and hydrogeological risk, alert system, alert system with sirens for information to the population. The siren activation tests will be carried out in eighteen municipal sites: Altolia, Briga Superiore, Giampilieri Marina, Giampilieri Superiore, Giampilieri school, Molino, Pezzolo, Ponte Schiavo, Mili San Pietro, Mili San Marco, Galati Santa Lucia, Bordonaro, Zafferia Monalla , Zafferia church, Zafferia, Larderia, Faro Superiore and Santo Stefano stream. Three different sounds to signal the pre-alarm, the alarm, the danger has passed. Messina has equipped itself with a cutting-edge system for civil protection reporting by implementing its network of sirens from 8 (those post-Giampilieri) to 18.