“I pay now, collect later”: the technique of the couple who stole 65 thousand euros of jewels from Mormanno. Two 30-year-olds arrested


By John

A man and a woman in their 30safter parking their vehicle, they begin to walk along the main street of Mormanno, entering and making purchases in various types of shops and then entering a jewelery shop.

The couple immediately showed interest in purchasing watches, necklaces and bracelets and after viewing different types of objects, contained in different rolls shown by the owner, the two chose to purchase a chain, a pair of earrings and a cross silver, for a total value of 385 euros, paid in cash with a total value of 400 euros.

When the change was delivered, the two told the owner of the jewelry store to start preparing gift packages for the purchased goods and that they would return later to collect everything, leaving the jewelry store at the same time.

So the elderly owner began to package the purchased items and, not seeing the couple return, while he was preparing to put away the rolls containing the previously displayed goods, he noticed that 3 rolls containing various necklaces, chokers, gold chains and rings were missing on the counter. worth approximately 60,000/65,000 euros.

After having searched in vain for the couple and asking the other shopkeepers if they had noticed the two, realizing that he had been robbed, he turned to the Carabinieri at the Mormanno station, to whom, in addition to describing the man and woman well, reconstructing the time of the event, declared that he had been distracted because they had asked him for many objects and various details, making sure that he looked away from the various rolls positioned on the counter, thus taking the opportunity to take possession of them.

On the basis of the first data collected, the military personnel thus acquired the images recorded by the municipal video surveillance system installed near the commercial establishment, an activity which made it possible to identify who the two were and to focus on the particular somatic features and clothing worn.

The various extrapolated frames were then compared with others entered into the Police Force Databases, from whose comparison the compatibility with the BN woman and the MR man, both cl., emerged. ’92, residents in the province of Rome. The certainty of the identity of the two was then ascertained thanks to the photographic recognition to which the victim and the other merchants where the couple had actually purchased various goods were subjected.

On the basis of the investigative evidence collected in the current phase of preliminary investigations, the Carabinieri of the Castrovillari Company, assisted by the soldiers of the Frascati Company, first identified the home of the two and then, after having tracked them down, they carried out the precautionary custody order in jail issued by the investigating judge of Castrovillari following the request for a precautionary measure made by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The man and the woman were taken to the Regina Coeli and Rebibbia prison.

The activity carried out – explain the Carabinieri Provincial Command of Cosenza – represents an important result, achieved not only through the rapid investigations carried out by the Mormanno Carabinieri Station, but also thanks to the support and collaboration shown by the victim and the various owners of the commercial activities of Mormanno who confirmed the identity of the couple.