In Berlin, the bergamot from Reggio Calabria conquers ministers and presidents


By John

The minister Francesco Lollobrigidathe national president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini, deputy ministers and undersecretaries. And then, obviously, the regional councilor Gianluca Gallothe director Giacomo Giovinazzo and the entire Calabrian management staff. All “in love” and conquered, in Berlin during the Fruit Logistica, with the Bergamot of Reggio Calabria.
Sincere appreciation, sharing and tasting of the juices, essences, sweets and everything that the Consortium has managed to bring to the most eagerly awaited world fair in the sector.
Together with the Calabria Region, the Consortium presented itself in Germany to show the new products and the now well-known qualities of bergamot. From 7 to 9 February, for three days, there will be space for the Bergamotto of Reggio Calabria and the Calabrian producers, represented by Ezio Pizzi. At the fair Giovanna Pizzi, producer and member of the Board of Directors, Luigi Frammartino, well-known producer of the green gold of Calabria and Salvatore Friscia, producer and transformer as well as representative of Legambiente.
“The event represented an important opportunity for companies in the fruit and vegetable sector, as well as for those operating in the transformation and food processing industry”, remarked the Consortium during the various interviews given to TV and newspapers.
In addition to product promotion, the three-day event in Berlin included moments dedicated to in-depth information. In particular,
in a speech by the Consortium for the Protection of Bergamot of Reggio Calabria, together with the cedar of Santa Maria del Cedro, the clementine of Calabria and the lemon of Rocca Imperiale, which saw the conclusion of the work of the director of the department, Alessandra Celi, it was wanted to underline the synergy between the parties involved for a “new narrative of Calabria and its excellence”.
“We are fully satisfied with the active participation in the Berlin event. Just as we are extremely happy that the director of the Agriculture Department, Giacomo Giovinazzo, and the regional councilor for Agriculture, Gianluca Gallo, in addition to all the welcome and important institutional visits, have grasped the proactive spirit and the new ideas for promoting the product in all areas of reference”, argued Pizzi and the representatives of the Consortium.
“Lollobrigida and Prandini, Gallo and the national media with whom we relaunched ideas and proposals have emphasized the importance and quality of the Bergamot fruit and essential oil protected by the Dop brand, on the international stage”. Reason for pride and new perspectives for president Ezio Pizzi and for all the representatives of the green gold of Calabria.