In Lamezia the Conference of Democratic Women, the delegates to the National Conference have been elected: here's who they are


By John

The regional assembly of the Conference of Democratic Women was held today at the “Progetto Sud” community of Lamezia Terme for the election of the delegates to the National Congress which will be held in Rome on March 9th.
After the establishment of the Regional Guarantee Commission, with president Cinzia Nava and vice president Anna Melillotogether with Enza Bruno Bossio as a member of the national commission, the rich and participatory discussion began with the report of the regional spokesperson Teresa Esposito which was followed by numerous interventions by the members. Many topics were covered, from differentiated autonomy to psychological violence, passing through wage disparity, widespread hospitality, law 194 and the clear position against any war. On this point the assembly expressed its support for the delegation led by Laura Boldrini who will be in Rafah tomorrow to call for a ceasefire and the release of the hostages and to accompany a convoy of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinian civilians.
The conclusion of the work was entrusted to the regional councilor Amalia Bruni.
The assembly concluded with the election of the delegates to the National Conference in the persons of: Rosi Caligiuri, Barbara Panetta, Tonia Stumpo and Lidia Vescio