In Lipari music says no to drugs, La Vardera launches the project “Don’t crack your life” at the Vulkanik Fest

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By John

The international electronic music festival, which takes place every year in the Aeolian Islands, has decided to inaugurate with a dedicated moment at the launch of the project of the regional deputy Ismaele La Vardera which will be called “Non crackarti la vita”. The event, which will start from tomorrow (Saturday 12 August) and until Tuesday 15, in fact, in addition to letting the younger ones, and also the older ones, experience moments of leisure with international DJs who will make them dance and have fun, will open with a moment, starting at 7 pm on the inaugural day dedicated to the fight against drugs, especially crack, with the president of the intergroup at Ars against drugs, Ismaele La Vardera. “It will be an explosion of music that will serve to loudly say no to drugs – says the deputy – I’m really happy that one of the most important festivals dedicated to the youngest audience will have this focus on the use of drugs. This serves to make it clear that one can also ‘get high’ without using drugs but simply having fun”.

And at the same time, the project already announced by the president of “South calls north” will also officially start, namely “Don’t crack your life”, a path that will take the entire commission around Sicilian schools starting next month. “I foretold it – concludes the honorable La Vardera – and now it’s official. The project aims to be a way to remove all those very young people who are addicted to drugs, especially crack, off the streets. In fact, crack can be bought for a few euros and cause irreparable damage the first time, as I announced when Archbishop Lorefice gave me the bill in his hands. Today I say that the fight against drugs will be one of my objectives during the legislature, each of us, if informed, can defeat this scourge and save our children”. An initiative that the organizers of the festival have also embraced, to raise awareness among young people. “We involve young people in the organization of the festival – conclude the organizers – this allows them to take an active role in creating a safe and healthy environment”.