Rometta, the pipeline discharged into the sea: stampede among the bathers. The mayor: “It’s just water”


By John

Escape from the beach in Rometta this afternoon when, suddenly, the pipeline that leads to the beach in via Gramsci began to pour liquids into the sea, between families and umbrellas. Many have wondered if it could be sewage waste and they trust in the prompt intervention of the institutions concerned to prevent similar episodes from occurring, especially in periods of such great crowding in the Tyrrhenian town.

Rometta is one of the favorite summer destinations of Messina and a place where many have second homes by the sea. The municipal administration is also particularly committed to preparing projects and initiatives that make the locality increasingly welcoming and hospitable. We therefore hope that the repetition of the inconvenience will be averted.

Mayor Nicola Merlino: “That liquid was just water”

“With reference to the news spread yesterday evening – writes Merlino – that a sewage spill occurred on the beach, near via Gramsci, I deny the news, I point out that the sewage system was and is fully functional, that the liquid shown in the pictures was nothing but water”.