In memory of the paratrooper Gianluca Spina, Massimino Cozza from Cosenza K42 from Cosenza pays homage to his brotherly friend

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By John

The charm of the marathon pervades every runner, who, to define himself as such (marathon runner), is attracted at least once in his ‘career’ to perform the same feats as the military messenger Philippides appointed in 490 BC to run from the city of Marathon to Athens to announce the Athenian victory over Persia. Forty-two kilometers and one hundred and ninety-five meters, the stretch that separates the two Hellenic places. In Pisa the runner Massimino Cozza from Belsito (in the province of Cosenza), over 35 athlete registered with the athletics club Cosenza K42completed the legendary distance in 3 hours and 47 minutes in memory of his close friend Gianluca Spina, paratrooper of the Folgore Brigade, victim of a tragic accident during an exercise last April. Originally from Belsito, Gianluca Spina moved to Siena at a very young age, where he was particularly appreciated for his social commitment, without however ever breaking ties with his childhood friends with whom he shared a common passion for running.

Massimino Cozza

The paratrooper Gianluca Spina

The finish line of the Pisa Marathon