In Vibo, the Giunta is still on standby. When culture becomes a… business


By John

The exponents of “Future City” they remain immovable. The mayor’s decision to subtract two of the four councilor posts in the Giunta cannot leave the political group indifferent. therefore, Giovanni Russo, Rosa Chiaravalloti and Antonella Tripodi (sacrificial lamb of the mayor in this last phase) can now be considered to all intents and purposes of the “ex”. So far, all clear. But the problem, for a few days, has been another one because the chief executive is unable to identify replacements. Or better, does not seem able at the moment to find names that are well received by the majority of the council chamber where the center-right risks becoming – listen, listen – a minority, after having swept the local elections.

Actually, a solution Mary Limardo seemed to have found it: to appoint councilor for… Culture, Maria Theresa Marzano, which, for some time in the good graces of the executive and of the offices, is now at home in the “Luigi Razza” building, being systematically liquidated fior di determine (4300 euros only for the artistic direction of the Pink Ribbon Tour). But the step was longer than the leg, one would say in jargon. The mayor had not reckoned with the vetoes of “Città Futura” and of a half majority on a name that is not appreciated by a large part of the centre-right. On the other hand, she is a (former) “left-wing pasionaria” who has adapted to the right in recent years … for reasons that are not very difficult to understand. So? One “wrong” step forward and two backwards. Here is a possible return (all to be verified) of Daniela Rotinothe former Councilor for Culture defenestrated a year and a half ago.