“The mission of the new Province”. The Upi initiative gets underway in Salerno: the president of the Province of Vibo, L’Andolina, is present


By John

“Closing the gaps and mending the country: the mission of the new Province”. This is the key theme on which they will focus their discussion, in Salerno, the presidents of the Southern Provincesduring a special initiative organized by theUpi (The Union of the Provinces of Italy). The working day, which is part of a series of meetings on the national territory promoted by the Upi, thanks to the “Province&Comuni Pon Governance 2014-2020” project, will also be attended by the president of the Province of Vibo Valentia, Corrado Antonio L’Andolina. «The role of the Provinces in a perspective of reform of the organization of the State and renewal of district policies can be fundamental, – asserted the president L’Andolina in this regard. The Provinces, in fact, can carry out a priority activity in terms of coordination and promotion of all those actions aimed at economic and social growth. “Closing the gaps” is a need that has been felt in Italy since the dawn of time. In 2023 it should be placed at the top of every government, national and local agenda. “Making up the country” starting again from the provinces – finally highlighted L’Andolina – means giving dignity to all communities in a perspective of enhancing territorial resources”.

An appointment of national caliber, therefore, the one in which L’Andolina will participate, which will see Presidents of the Province, Mayors and Provincial Councilors of the South, in comparison with representatives of the Government and Parliament on the Bill, under discussion in the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate , which completely reforms the Provinces, both with regard to the functions they will have to exercise, and with regard to the governing bodies and the electoral system. “The challenge before us – underlined the President of the Upi, Michele De Pascale – is to be able to build an innovative institution model, with skills and personnel strongly focused on investments, with the aim of contributing to the mission of eliminating territorial gaps”. The initiative will be opened by the president of the Province of Salerno, Franco Alfieri, president of Upi Campania. Closing the meeting – after a round table attended by local deputies and senators together with President De Pascale – will be the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior with responsibility for local authorities, Wanda Ferro.