Inclusive school, over a thousand signatures for the appeal of the mayor of Catanzaro against Vannacci's proposal


By John

The appeal “for an inclusive school and against all barriers” launched by the mayor of Catanzaro exceeded one thousand signatures “online” in three days, Nicola Fioritaentitled «We want them there, all together», against the proposal of the Army general Roberto Vannacci, candidate of the League in the European elections, to establish separate classes for disabled pupils. Many people responded to the appeal of Fiorita, who is a university teacher: school managers, teachers of schools of all levels and university professors and of the Academies of Fine Arts. «We, teachers of primary and secondary schools, of university and higher education – it is stated in the appeal – we want them all together, in the same classes, to follow a path that gives everyone the same opportunities while respecting their specific potential. We want them there, in the same classes, side by side, because every pupil, every student, regardless of their personal needs, represents a resource for everyone.”