Investments in healthcare construction in Calabria, yes to the new programmatic plan


By John

State resources available for over half a billion euros, planned investments of 280 million destined for five interventions and a basic objective: to refurbish the Calabrian public health structures. The plan approved by the commissarial structure certainly does not represent the panacea for all the ills that still afflict the health care of this region, however the new programmatic document – already sent to the Ministry of Health and the State-Regions Conference – of health building interventions could represent (hopefully) a new beginning after years of announcements and broken promises.
The planned works are considered by the parts of the Citadel “necessary” because, at least to read the report of the Health department accompanying the decree, «the current capital endowment of the Companies is presented, for the most part, in an incomplete state of maintenance. For some existing structures, the cost-benefit analysis makes it essential to decommission them and build new structures; for others, the need for sanitary building interventions to bring them up to standard is highlighted. Hence the need to define a Plan of interventions for healthcare construction and the modernization of technological equipment, which, in accordance with the Commissioner’s Plan for the reorganization of the healthcare networks, can guarantee the effectiveness of the diagnostic/therapeutic pathways, improve the results of treatment in volume/outcome terms, reduce passive mobility.