Israel sends thousands of Palestinian workers back to Gaza. The Pope telephones Abu Mazen


By John

Israel has begun sending “thousands” of Palestinian workers back to the Gaza Strip. This was confirmed by AFP journalists and a Palestinian official. «Thousands of workers who had been stranded in Israel since October 7»the day of the Hamas attack on Israeli soil that sparked the war, “were brought back” to Gaza, he said Hicham Adwan, responsible for Gaza border crossings. According to Israeli authorities, approx 18,500 Palestinians had work permits in Israel when the war broke out.

«In northern Israel we are on maximum alert. We are ready to react to any event that takes place today, or in the next few days”: this was stated by the military spokesperson Daniel Hagari describing what he defined as “increased activity by Hebzollah, who yesterday struck Kiryat Shmona and Safed in northern Israel, injuring people”. “Iran – he added – continues with its subversive activities and incites its supporters by sending them weapons, as has happened in Ukraine, Iraq and Yemen”. “Iran – he said – wants to distract us from our war in Gaza.”

«I appeal to the highest Hezbollah authorities to give messages of peace in favor of de-escalation. Italy is working for a de-escalation in the Middle East and this is a formal appeal that I am launching so that the authorities do not add fuel to the fire and so that the conflict is prevented from spreading to neighboring countries starting from Lebanon” he said instead. the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani who added: «we reiterate: Italy is always for two peoples and two states».

Meanwhile, it was held yesterday, in the late afternoon, a phone call between Pope Francis and the president of the Palestinian Authority Abu Mazen. The Vatican press office confirmed this to ANSA after the news leaked last night to the Palestinian media. According to the Wafa agency, the phone call concerned “the latest developments in Palestine, Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem” and the Pontiff also expressed sadness for the civilian victims. For his part, the Palestinian leader thanked Pope Francis for his efforts to consolidate peace in the region and underlined the importance of the Vatican continuing to call for a ceasefire.