The historical calendar of the Carabinieri was also presented in Messina


By John

Today 8 November 2023, at the provincial command of the Carabinieri of Messina, the historical calendar of the 2024 Carabinieri was presented, in the presence of the commander, Colonel Marco Carletti. The 2024 Historical Calendar is dedicated to the theme “The Carabinieri and the Communities” and in particular to the figure of the Carabiniere as a point of reference for the community. A constant presence alongside citizens, from historical moments for our country – such as the referendum between Monarchy and Republic in 1946 – to those of daily life – such as the recent flood in Romagna. The closeness, the ability to contact and listen, the many attentions, small and large, to the needs of people, from metropolitan cities to the most remote provincial villages, with which the Carabinieri respond to the requests for social reassurance specific to each community , are the common thread that has always characterized the work of the Corps and which accompanies us through the 12 stories of the 2024 Calendar.

The 12 stories – heterogeneous by historical era, geographical setting and narrated events – are united by the Army’s ability to listen and be close, a “conducting thread” that runs through the entire narrative of the Calendar: a red band created by Pininfarina’s pencil which it starts from the Flame – emblem of the Carabinieri – and envelops the entire work through one of the most significant and historical distinctive signs of the Carabinieri’s uniform, which characterizes the Carabiniere’s trousers. A band that, in the imagination of Italian men and women, has become a symbol of a friendly force, always present in the moments and places of our lives.

In addition to the Calendar, the 2024 edition of the Illustrated Agenda has also been published through four stories from which the essence of our work is evident. These are fictional stories inspired by reality and capable of outlining the true soul of the Carabiniere, enhancing the message of the service in favor of citizenship and the proud awareness of fulfilling an indispensable social role. The activity of a dog unit engaged in rescue operations after a natural disaster, the Carabiniere who has just arrived as reinforcement to the barracks of a poorly connected village and very far from the major centers and essential services, the life of an Army Officer , still unaware of the future General Commander and unaware protagonist of a page in the history of our unifying Nation. And again the altruism of a young Station Commander who rescues a drowning woman.

Two other works complete the editorial offer for the year 2024.

The desk calendar, also dedicated this year to the theme “the Carabinieri in the most beautiful villages in Italy”, concerns small gems perched among the most evocative views of the Bel Paese, the country of art, literature and Italian ingenuity. 12 images were selected, one per month, with Carabinieri portrayed in one of the many villages that embellish Italy, which provide an author’s picture made of geography, architecture and uniform.

The entire proceeds from the sale of this desk calendar are donated, as happened in previous years, to the National Assistance Center for Military Orphans of the Carabinieri.

The Tabletop Planning, in line with the other works, is also focused on the theme of “control of the territory”. This time too the proceeds will be donated to a pediatric department, identified this year in the “Bianchi Melacrino Morelli” Metropolitan Hospital in Reggio Calabria.

This editorial work, at the beginning, tells a story written by personnel of the Corps with the title “The Carabiniere on a bicycle”. It is set at the beginning of the 20th century and tells of a Marshal of the Army who carried out his service for the community on board a bicycle, guaranteeing, with kindness and grace, social reassurance and company to the inhabitants of the small village.

Furthermore, the planning is organized with a calendar page at the beginning of each month flanked by an image depicting the activities carried out by the departments of the various specialties of the Army (dog lovers, skiers, helicopter pilots).