It makes, 600 thousand euros more coming to create innovative businesses


By John

First the autism center. And now the management decision, from a few days ago, which follows the indications of the commissioner triad on the Urban Agenda funds. In this case the news is double: from 1 million euros allocated we move to 1 million e 600 thousand euros to create, very quickly, the creation/attraction, of the Innovation Hub For Change, of innovative companies, at the former Crai in Rende.
What is it about? A factory on sustainability, essentially. A co-working space where those who request it will also be able to work in synergy with the other realities present”. The previous administrators, through the Urban Agenda funds, had envisaged the creation of a model of an intelligent, creative and sustainable city, in in line with modern technologies and with adequate communication methods, which focus on the objectives of smart cities and the European Urban Agenda, embracing an overall vision of the city of the future that orients citizens towards an effective innovative dimension. The objective is to carry out a renovation and refunctionalization of the former Crai building for the creation of the Innovation Hub For Change.