It makes a “hyperactive” 8-year-old child isolated from class. Minister Valditara orders checks


By John

The director and a teacher of an elementary school in Rende were interviewed for brief information by agents of the Cosenza Police Headquarters specialized in matters concerning minors. At the center of the conversation was a story dating back to last November 18th, when a third grade child was left alone in class with the teacher due to the simultaneous absence of all his classmates. The children, according to what the child’s mother reported, would have remained at home at the behest of their parents they would have complained about the presence of his son because they considered him “hyperactive”.

According to what has been learned, the child does not benefit from educational support at school. The little boy had only been attending class for two days, after being transferred from another section of the same institute. The parents of his classmates, in protest against the school director who had ordered the transfer, therefore decided to keep their children at home. It was the child who paid the price when he returned home and told his mother everything, blaming the absence of his classmates on the flu.. The mother, however, did not believe what her son, in his childish innocence, had told her, and after a quick investigation, she decided to turn to the authorities, firstly by sending a complaint to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office of Catanzaro. You also informed the guarantor for childhood and adolescence of the Calabria region Antonio Marziale of the incident. The latter immediately requested a verification from the offices and is waiting, according to what was reported to ANSA, for the documentation. The Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara also intervened on the matter and contacted the director of the School Office for Calabria Antonella Iunti. The minister asked the latter to carry out all the necessary checks and to report precise information on what happened in order to evaluate any measures to be taken.