Vibo, 106 red rose petals and many installations at the entrance to schools


By John

One hundred and six red rose petals were placed on the black carpet at the entrance to the D. Savio primary school in Vibo Valentia, which belongs to the Garibaldi-Buccarelli Institute, led by the principal AAngelo Stumpo. As many women as there were women raped and killed during 2023. Teachers and school collaborators took care of the display, which aroused great admiration among families and inhabitants of the area, with the particular commitment of the teacher Rosalba Loscrì, considered the artist of the plexus and the collaborator Caterina Trecozzi, which has been delighting the school community for years with its decorations at every change of season. Instead, it was the collaborator who left a red light in memory of all the murdered women Carmela Purita. But the drama of violence against women was not only the subject of installations, in fact it is linked to the project of education of feelings «because it is crucial – commented the head of the school Gioia Franzè – work on respect and gender equality. Preventing episodes of violence is only possible through an educational pact between school, family and society.”
Great involvement of all the school groups also at the Filangieri boarding school where a showcase was created by the teaching team of the primary and lower secondary schools, the educators team and the Ata staff. Also at the third De Amicis circle, led by the principal Alberto Capria, splendid installations have been curated. «This year’s theme – explained the manager – referred to the role of women, to equal opportunities, and was implemented through an institute project entitled “Woman: lights and shadows, forms and perspectives between past and present”. To carry out the final event, the Palasport in Viale della Pace had to be used, considering the over three hundred students involved, the thousand spectators expected and agreed and the splendid choreographies and scenography prepared by the teachers. A beautiful afternoon of joy which saw students, teachers, Ata staff and parents of the 3rd Circle – De Amicis actively involved, in the name of that educational community that is now structured; and which sent a more serious message than ever: the need for legal and social equality between men and women, in order to reclaim their gender difference and establish a fair relationship between the sexes. It is necessary to constantly sow in schools – the head teacher also declared – creating the conditions so that the absolute necessity of giving women the possibility of making choices, both relating to private and professional life, without them becoming the object of discrimination, becomes everyday normality. Even in this way, Capria continues, we can fight the shameful gender violence that we systematically witness by preventing it and breaking down absurd prejudices thanks to the positive training of our students implemented by the excellent teachers that I have the privilege of directing”. We are thinking about the next event: the eighth!