Italian Federation of Popular Traditions in Messina, the new president is Massimiliano Rinaldo


By John

It took place in Messina last November 12thElective provincial assembly of the Italian Federation of Popular Traditions, National body representing 350 Italian folk associations. The meeting, which was attended by representatives of the folk groups of the Peloritana province affiliated to FITP, also saw the strong presence of over 150 members of the various associations from the Ionian and Tyrrhenian areas of the Messina territory.

Massimiliano Rinaldo from Messina was elected to the position of provincial president, which received the unanimous vote of the Assembly. The same, in expressing satisfaction to the participants for the assignment received, thanked the Assembly and expressed grateful recognition to the outgoing President Santino Merrino for the work carried out, which despite his mandate being affected by the hard years of Covid, has carried out the task in an excellent and exemplary manner. The newly elected also received best wishes from the Mayor of Messina Federico Basile who invited him for a meeting at Palazzo Zanca. Also part of the new board are: Francesco Famà (vice president) and Placido Navarria (secretary-treasurer).

The new President, who will lead the Committee for the next four-year period 2023 – 2027, is known for having always been animated by a strong passion for the popular traditions of his land, a love that has lasted for over 40 years. He is also President of the association “Sicilian ensemble of art, music and popular song”. Rinaldo boasts a conspicuous curriculum in the field of folklore: numerous internships and courses attended, he has made regional popular traditions known in various parts of the world, including Puerto Rico, America, Russia, Turkey, Holland, Spain, Romania, Moldova , France and many others. In 2002 he obtained the 1st level diploma of “Teacher of traditional dances of Sicily” and in 2019 the 2nd level diploma of “Teacher of popular dance of Sicily”; He was also a teacher of the “Popular Songs” course at the School of Ancient Crafts in Fiumedinisi.

These are the folk groups that are part of the Messina Provincial Committee, with their directors: “Amastra” Angelo Scolaro (Mistretta), “Singers of the Jonica Riviera Melino Romolo” Francesco Famà (Roccalumera), “Singers Peloritani” Daniela Alessandro (Messina), “Popular Singers of the Aeolian Islands” Giuseppe Bianchi (Lipari), “I Cantustrittu” Santino Merrino (Messina), “Città di Milazzo” Santo Gitto (Milazzo), “Compagnia Siciliana Musici e Cantori” Marcello Cacciola (Nizza di Sicilia), “Friends in the World” Lillo Alessandro (Messina), “I Cariddi” Tobia Rinaldo (Messina), “Insieme Siciliano amcp” Massimiliano Rinaldo (Messina), “La Madonnina” Antonino Merrino (Messina), “La Zagara” Rosa Caravello (Terme Vigliatore), “Mata e Grifone” Orazio Grasso (Messina), “Meliuso” Salvatore Borà (Gioiosa Marea), “Molesi” Giorgio Cundari (Castelmola), “Naso” Roberto Ruggieri (Naso), “Naxos” Antonino Buda (Giardini), “Nebrodi” Antonino Indaimo (Ficarra), “Triskelion” Placido Navarria (Roccalumera ), “Val di Nisi – Canterini Ciuminisani” Filippo Gregorio (Fiumedinisi).