Taormina, indebtedness of Palazzo dei Giurati: the Commission has put things in order


By John

Two years of intense activity summarized in six pages. The extraordinary liquidation commission of the Municipality of Taormina, established on 1 November 2021 for the management of previous indebtedness after the declaration of financial distress, reconstructs the framework of the measures adopted for the extinction of the local authority’s debts relating to the previous period as of 31 December 2020 and the first significant results are already emerging.
To date, 353 applications have been received (of which 245 within the deadline and 107 outside the deadline) for a total requested of 73,893,605 euros, (64,751,761 euros within the deadlines and 9,141,843 euros outside the deadlines) and, according to the preliminary findings of the offices, given the amount requested, the eligible sum is equal to 49,978,787 euros (difference equal to 23,914,818 euros , with an eligibility percentage of 67.64%). The admitted sums amount to 42,149,865 euros for requests submitted within the deadlines and 7,828,921 euros for those received outside the deadlines.