Jonio-Tirreno Great Communication Road, ad hoc metropolitan council on Saturday in Gioiosa


By John

The question related to closure of vehicular transit on the Jonio – Tirreno Great Communication Road will be the subject of the next open metropolitan council scheduled for Saturday 16 September in Gioiosa Jonica (it will meet at 10 in Gioiosa Ionica, municipal auditorium in Piazza Aldo Moro).

The agenda

On the agenda of the Metropolitan Council are issues related to the “metropolitan transport network and the hypothesis of total closure to vehicular transit of the SS682 Ionian-Tirreno for extraordinary maintenance works and structural restoration of the Limina crossing tunnel. Discussion and determination”.

The open meeting of the Metropolitan Council – it is written in a note released by Palazzo Alvaro – will be “a moment of great participation, open to mayors and territorial institutions, to publicly debate a very important topic. An invitation to participate was addressed to parliamentarians Calabrians, the mayors and other territorial institutions, and is also aimed at the citizens of the territory. The Government and the territorial bodies are called upon in the coming weeks to make political choices which will have, from an economic and social point of view, direct implications, relevant and immediate in the life of the metropolitan community”.

“For months now we have been discussing an issue that we consider fundamental for our metropolitan territory – said the acting mayor Carmelo Versace – the closure of that road risks being a mortal blow for territorial mobility, with very important negative repercussions on a commercial level , tourism, professional, but also from a health perspective. For this reason we have collected the concerns of an entire community and the mayors who represent it. I hope it will be a very participatory moment and that the institutions involved take note of the many doubts that revolve around this matter.”