Katya Gentile leaves Forza Italia and moves to the Mixed Group in the Regional Council: “I felt like an unwelcome guest”


By John

I leave Forza Italia regretful for what could have been and was not. I waited patiently for things to change and tried every possible attempt, but… there were no signs of improvement, except in words. After Berlusconi's death, unfortunately, only the facade remained of Forza Italia. Beyond the nice words, the abilities, skills and merit are not appreciated and the role of regional councilor is continually debased and humiliated. During this first half of my mandate I felt like an unwelcome guest in my home and every time they delegitimized, disempowered and ignored me, I felt a lack of respect for me, for the history that I represent in the Calabria Region and above all for each of those 8,000 and more people who honored me with their trust by writing my name on the ballot paper. These first years of counciling in Forza Italia were spent witnessing the minimization of the problems, from time to time.”

This is what he states in a note Katya Gentile, regional councilor elected with Forza Italia. Now at Palazzo Campanella it passes to Gruppo Misto.

“In what remains of the party of freedom the democratic principle is not applied, the opinions coming from anyone who is not part of a certain magic circle are not taken into consideration. And so it went on for two and a half years, without ever a confrontation, a group or party meeting, if pre-election occasions are excluded, in that case yes “we are a very strong team”. Having achieved the awareness that, behind all the ostracism, the difficulties in obtaining even simple information on a practice or, even, the denial of the request for authorization to command my secretary, perhaps never before in the history of the regions of Italy, there was a precise plan to weaken me, exhaust me and extinguish me, I convinced myself to leave the party. It goes without saying that I looked around and explored new fields of action, but after careful and profound reflection, which my father, Pino Gentile, also fully shared, I chose to join Gruppo Misto. This position will allow me to continue to carry out my work with greater serenity and in total freedom. Whatever my future political path will be, I believe that this must be the result of a well-considered choice, shared with the people close to me and above all taken in the interest of those who voted for me for the trust they have in me, in the values ​​in which I believe and in the projects I carry out, which I do not allow to be trampled on by anyone, much less by sinister and masochistic party logic”.