Kragl attacks Messina and Sciotto: “I didn’t want to stay in this club any longer”


By John

Yesterday the press release announcing the termination of the contract between the company and Kragl and in which we read words to honey (“The company with which I have never had any problems. I thank the president Sciotto who accepted my request even if he wanted me to stay”). what a person, man and footballer I am, and above all those who treat me badly do not deserve my presence. If I left it’s because I didn’t want to stay in this company anymore, not for personal problems and to leave I also had to leave a large part of my salary, if I had been as tied to money as the phenomena behind the keyboard say I would not leave the team but I would have remained on the bench without playing even a minute and I would have same money. I thank the coach for helping me leave. Throughout the season we suffered a lot of “shit” and then we were told that salvation wasn’t even our fault. To be honest, I’ve never seen the new two-year contract they offered me – writes Kragl again – I’m sorry for all the fans and friends I met in Messina who love me, I really enjoyed them and I will always remember you with a smile. I won’t add anything else. It is also little that I said! I’m really happy.. actually happy to start my new adventure with all my heart! See you next year”.

Nothing new under the sun.