Sports director Taibi freezes all negotiations: “For now, there’s no talk of transfers”


By John

The situation is still problematic, but the date of August 2 is approaching which could readmit the amaranth team in the cadet championship.
However, the Reggina argument takes center stage in the salons and in the squares. In fact, during the presentation of his book “I am free”, which took place in Villa San Giovanni, Peppe Scopelliti, former president of the Regional Council, focused on the matter involving the company in via “Delle Industrie”. He too, like all the fans, said he was worried about the latest news: «Many say, ‘if you had been there this wouldn’t have happened’. I don’t know what would have happened, but it doesn’t seem right to me that President Gravina hasn’t received the local institutions. This little attention to the city gives us the dimension of credibility of the ruling class that governs us. One day when I was at the helm of the Region, Traversa, the mayor of Catanzaro at the time, called me to ask me for an appointment with the number one of the FIGC because the Giallorossi were at risk of relegation. At that point I immediately set off and within a week I personally accompanied the mayor to Rome, in via Allegri. Here, however, there are two problems: the authority of local politics and the risk that Reggina will fail. These are not just critical issues and we are sorry that there was no choral action in defense of our team. If I had had decision-making power, I say this as an “old amaranth heart”, I would have involved the entire region, while everyone in Reggio has decided to move individually, looking after only their own backyard. There is no direction, perhaps a leader is missing. The city must always be defended.
Market. There are many players with appetites from Serie B clubs. Canotto is requested by Catanzaro who is also courting Gagliolo. Samp is also on the latter. Pirlo is an admirer of him and would like to bring him to Genoa. Camporese, on the other hand, is being chased by Cosenza who are carrying out an intelligent shopping campaign. But, for now, Taibi does not want to hear about transfers because it is not known whether Reggina will participate in the cadet tournament.
The sports director is waiting, as is the coach Inzaghi. Both have two more years on their contracts. Returning to the outgoing players, on Majer there is Parma who would like to recompose the pairing in the middle of the field with Hernani. Also keep an eye on the situation regarding Liotti that Ascoli likes. It was requested by Viali who knows its qualities. On Rivas and Di Chiara there is always Palermo who will start with the favors of the forecast. The Honduran didn’t shine last season. After a comforting start, in the second round it melted like snow in the sun. Never an idea worthy of note, so much so that the coach has often relegated him to the bench, preferring some of his other teammates.
Even Galabinov with the suitcase in hand. Venezia asked for information because Vanoli likes him. Regardless of what the future of Reggina will be, Franco, Gavioli, Ejjaky, Lombardi, Ricci and perhaps Crisetig will probably go away.