Lamezia, majority increasingly in crisis: councilors desert the Chamber


By John

There is no quorum and the council meeting scheduled on first call is cancelled. A déjà vu that was repeated punctually yesterday morning in the Luisi room in via Perugini. For months now the first meetings of the municipal councils have been canceled because the majority councilors are missing on the benches of the civic assembly, just as someone from the minority is also missing. Yesterday the mayor was present at the first call Paolo Mascaro and the president of the town meeting Giancarlo Nicotera; on the opposition benches Rosario Piccioni (Lamezia Common Good), Lucia Citizen (New era), Matteo Folino (Forza Italia), Antonio Lorena (Brothers of Italy), Mimmo Gianturco (Lamezia first of all). While there was only one person representing the majority Annalisa Spinelli, elected on a civic list in support of Mascaro Mayor, a presence that remained solitary even on the second call; she was then added among the opposition representatives Rosy Rubino (Lamezia first of all). The crisis, therefore, exists and can now be clearly seen: for months we have been trying to pretend nothing happened, to disguise as simple rumors or passing malaises, the existing differences between the groups that support the mayor and the council. The fracture is deep and this is demonstrated by the position of ‘oppositional majority’ taken by councilor Spinelli who in the session of 4 August last year soundly ‘beaten’ the administration, criticizing its actions.