Lamezia, mayor Mascaro tones down: “Compact majority”


By John

For months there has been talk of the crisis of the majority and of a Mascaro administration at risk of implosion. On balance, however, the “civic” mayor continues to move forward, bringing home various results. And other goals are on the verge of being realized. All this, despite some stomachaches from members of his own coalition.

For some days there has been talk of a crisis in the majority. What is going on?

«The crisis in the majority occurs when the provisions that are brought to the Council are not approved or are approved with the decisive votes of the opposition; in the case of Lamezia, also in the municipal council of 4 August there was approval with a large and compact majority of all the 8 provisions included in the agenda. During this session, the majority councilor Annalisa Spinelli decided to communicate her intention to continue from that moment on with a form of “oppositional majority” citing as a reason the lack of answers provided to date by the Administration on some issues. Previously, the director Spinelli none of this had expressed to the undersigned that he is in any case ready and available for any type of discussion and clarification on all the important activities carried out, which, moreover, she knows well as well as knows the results achieved ».

For the minority, there are no more numbers in the Council, so much so that the second call is often used to approve the practices, is that it?

«Lamezia is historically accustomed to holding municipal councils on second call except on the occasion of my first administrative experience during which all councils were held on first call; today, given the position taken by councilors Rubino and Lorena, inexplicably no longer in line with the coalition thanks to which they entered the civic assembly, the numbers are such that very few justified absences are enough to not be able, in the absence of the minority, to validly deliberate on first call. I repeat that it is truly anomalous that critical relief on this aspect comes from those who in the past governed the city for 10 years with Councils always held and only on second call”.

Will the budget be able to be approved, given the doubts of the board of auditors?

«Absolutely yes and this will happen in accordance with the law. The findings of the Auditors, absolutely not shared by the Administration and punctually and publicly contested, concern only formal and non-substantial aspects in relation to the temporal modalities of the settlement of the administration deficit but the modalities proposed by the Administration have already been approved in the Council of 4 August”.

There is talk of restored accounts, but what is the real situation of the institution like?

«The consolidation of the accounts lies in deeds and not in words. Today there are no creditors of the institution but only normal physiological delays deriving solely from the lateness sometimes of the liquidation decrees due to the lack of personnel. The Municipality now no longer wastes hundreds of thousands of euros a year as it did in the past for interest payable for treasury advances as it works only on an active basis, it no longer has unreconstituted tied funds as in the past, it no longer has as in the past millions and millions of euros of debts with Lamezia Multiservizi, no longer has the queue of creditors at the door as in the past. By the date of 31/12/23, the pre-injury legacy will come out, with further indisputable and incontrovertible certification of the goodness of the Administration’s work».