Like in the film “School of Thieves”: he pretends to be a shop mannequin and… steals the jewels in the night


By John

Just like “School of Thieves”. But what happened in Poland has little to do with… the cinematography of our country, much less with the Siraghi cousins ​​played by Lino Banfi, Paolo Villaggio and Massimo Boldi in the successful double production of the ’80s.


Three mannequins in a shop window in a department store in Warsaw. So far nothing special, except that one of them is alive: a 22-year-old is in fact accused of posing as a mannequin to steal jewels after the shop closed. According to the Warsaw police, the thief disguised himself so well that neither the staff nor the customers noticed anything unusual. When the lights finally went out, she began searching different stores looking for jewelry. However, the department store’s security staff noticed the man and managed to stop and arrest him. After the arrest it turned out that the thief had already used this tactic in a similar way two more times. For example, she would have dined in a restaurant in another shopping center and would have waited for the stores to close there too. He later went into a clothing store and changed into new clothes before returning to the restaurant for another meal. Robert Szumiata, a law enforcement spokesman, told the BBC about a third case: in another location, after closing time, he began stealing money from several cash registers. The Warsaw prosecutor’s office, notes Giovanni D’Agata, president of the “Rights Desk”, therefore ordered precautionary custody in prison where the man was transferred for three months.