City council in Bagnara Calabra, Pistolesi talks about the fires but the minority leaves the room


By John

Mayor Adonis Pistolesi opened the city council meeting held yesterday morning at Palazzo San Nicola. The mayor spoke about the fires that caused damage in vast areas of the municipal territory.
Pistolesi reconstructed the entire story starting from 19 October, with the first large fire developing on the ridge of State Road 18 and in part of Monte Cucuzzo, and the subsequent fire which broke out on 20 October along the external perimeter of the municipal cemetery of Pellegrina.
Then the minority councilor intervened Mario Romeowho pointed out that the request of the “La Bagnara we want” group to discuss the motion on funds for the port and the Morello school in the city council was not accepted.
The president of the city council Stefano Cosentino he responded that the motion was formally wrong and had to be resubmitted.
The council’s work continued with only the majority in the chamber, and the remaining points on the agenda of the session were discussed.
Meanwhile, the reopening of the municipal cemetery of Pellegrina is expected today after being closed due to the fire of last October 20th.