Literary award for the Cosenza writer Anna Francesca La Rosa: “Dedicated to women victims of violence”


By John

«I am very honored and happy for the goal achieved. I thank “Area Cultura” and the president of Angelica Loredana Anton Award for choosing and selecting my novel “Notti senza giorno” for the award of the “Book of the Year 2023″ Literary Prize”. Anna Francesca La Rosa, poet and writer from Cosenza, is obtaining numerous awards for her first novel “Notti senza giorno”, published by the Pellegrini publishing house. Her book has also crossed regional borders and, in fact, the writer from Cosenza will be in Rome on November 4th at the Casa del cinema for this recognition. This first novel represented an emotionally charged debut for Anna Francesca La Rosa, even though she has won multiple awards in the past with her poems. «The emotion – added the writer on this latest recognition for her book – is so intense that I cannot find the right words to fully express my joy. I dedicate this prestigious award to my father who, surely, would have been proud of me, to all the women subjected to physical and psychological violence and to myself. For my strength and my stubbornness in always believing in my dreams.” The idea for this book was born after listening to the pain and suffering of many women who had contacted the author after reading her poems. In this context, the idea for this book was born, which talks about sick loves and is not autobiographical. The novel tells a fictional story, but the aim was to create something useful for the many women who experience sick love. In this story they can recognize some signs and then I would like this novel to convey above all a message of hope because one can heal from sick love. The author has addressed a very delicate topic with great sensitivity after having researched in depth and having studied the phenomenon of violence against women, especially when it involves psychological violence.